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Are free logo makers dangerous?

Published on
October 29, 2020
Written by Scott Lancaster
Entrepreneur & Branding Expert
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How dangerous are free logo makers for entreprenaurs

We all know a logo is a graphic mark, emblem or symbol used to promote public identification and recognition of a person, an enterprise or an institution. 

Logos have been in existence as far back as the 19th century, but lately things have got a little lazy. 

No matter how small or large your business is, having a logo is very important, as it forms the foundation of your business's brand identity and helps customers identify you with minimal effort.

Typically, when a brand needs to create a logo, a Graphics designer is hired to create and design one. 

Graphic designers would design your logo, based on your guidelines about your brand. 

  • The segment of the market you want to cater to
  • The service or product your brand offers
  • The brand personality you want your brand to portray

These are just a few of the many factors a designer should think about when designing the perfect logo for you. 

But in the depths of darkness called the internet, there are ‘free logo makers’ being born…

Rise of online free logo makers

Online free logo makers have become very popular. They are basically software applications or websites that have pre-installed tools and templates which can help you out in regards to designing a logo for your business.

But are these free logo design makers safe to use?

I mean you can create your own custom logo for your brand for free and it literally takes a few minutes.

Crazy convenient and what do I have to lose?

Well, free online logo makers would seem perfect on the surface, but there are key things you should think about before making your own and plastering it everywhere you can.

The lack of originality

Your logo is a visual representation of your brand. 

It is most often the first (and most common) contact your potential customers will have with your brand.

If it fails to inspire, people are less likely to trust your brand, and no trust means no sales. 

Free logo makers lack the quality and originality in conveying your brand identity properly.

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Set templates

Free logo makers come with set templates and plugins that you are limited to.

This gives less room for creativity and thinking outside the box when creating your logo. 

You will likely find that communicating the genuine essence of your brand would be very difficult to pull off using these logo makers.

Hidden "one-time" fees

Are "free" logo makers really free?

Some usually require you to pay a "one-time" fee after you’ve created the logo on the software. 

So creating the logo is free, but to use it… you have to pay.

Sneaky buggers.

Risk of being copied

Up to 90% of free logo makers offer the same templates and features, with very few differences between them.

What this means is that all users of these platforms are offered the same set of tools in creating their logos. 

This hugely increases the chances of someone else creating a strikingly similar logo as yours. 

Logos are meant to make your brand stand out, and not be lost in the crowd of emerging businesses. Sharing a similar logo with another brand would definitely set your business back, leaving you most likely needing to rebrand once you realise you’ve did an ‘oops’.

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Free logo makers seem a great tool to take advantage of, but as a business owner and a brand builder, you really need to think things through fully before using them.

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